Tuesday 28 February 2012

Goal Achieved - My tennis rating is now Orange 1

A couple of months ago becoming an Orange 1 seemed like an impossible task but with hard work and perseverance it led to an email I received earlier today that started with Congratulations - your mini tennis rating has just improved from Orange-2 to Orange-1. I am so happy. Six months ago to the date I was a Red 2, then due to my age moved to an Orange 4 and since then I have worked hard and gradually improved my rating working through Orange 3 and 2. I have had to work very hard and take losing quite a few matches but its all been worth it because I can now say my tennis rating is Orange 1.
Now, there are two pathways I can go down, well there is a third but its not going to happen - wait and do nothing for 6 months until I become a Green.
Option 1 - try and become an Orange 1*, this is extremely difficult and I don't know if I could do it and only having 6 months makes it even harder. I would have to win 20 matches against Orange 1 or 1* players in grade 1,2 or 3 competitions, I normally do grade 5 and 6 competitions with a couple of 4's thrown in.
Option 2 - 'Play up' in Green/10 and under competitions (Orange 1 and 1* can do this). My rating will stay the same but I will get experience of playing Green on a full size court against older players. I really do think this is the best option then hopefully when my rating changes to Green I will get some good results and not have to settle in like I did when I started playing Orange tennis.
Either of these options is going to involve quite a few changes and I will update again once I have made a decision.
However at the moment I am going to enjoy my success!

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