Saturday 11 February 2012

Bolton Arena - Consolation Draw Winner, LTA Leaderboard, Ribble Valley Tennis Club

Today's tennis competition at Bolton Arena was a compass draw, so all the players have a first match and the winners go into the top half/main draw and the losers go into the bottom half/consolation draw. I lost my first match over 3 sets, the score was 5-7, 7-4, 4-7, so I ended up in the bottom half.
After initially being upset at losing my first match, I composed myself and decided to play my best tennis and win. I won the next two matches in two sets and then it sank in that I was now in the final of the consolation draw, I kept my cool and won it 7-4, 7-2. I am so proud of myself !
As previously mentioned in an older post, one of my goals is to make it into the main draw, I did not achieve it today but I did the next best thing so I am very happy. There is always another day and I know it will happen soon.
The LTA leaderboards have also been updated and I have moved up one place on the boys 9 & under Lancashire County leaderboard, so I am now in 17th position. I think at the next update I will drop down a few places because over the next week there are quite a few tennis competitions that allocate points and I have not entered any of them due to transport limitations.
On a final note John at Ribble Valley Tennis Club has been in touch and he is letting me play in their competition tomorrow, so I am looking forward to it greatly. My aim is to play as well as I did at Bolton Arena today.

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