Wednesday 15 February 2012

March tennis competitions and last Sunday!

I have already started applying for tennis competitions in March, so far I have applied to play at Bolton Arena on the 10th & 24th March. My finishing places have gradually been creeping up and I would love it if I could finish in the top 8 at one of these competitions at Bolton Arena.
The other tennis competition I have applied for is at Prestbury Tennis Club on the 25th March, I have never played at Prestbury before so I do not know what to expect but as always I will enjoy playing somewhere different.
The winter season finishes at the end of March (it has gone so quickly) so next month I will be doing as many competitions as possible because although I don't think it will happen, I would really like to get my rating to an Orange 1. If it was I would start 'playing up' in Green competitions (you can do this if you achieve an Orange 1 rating in your last or second last season) from the start of the season. When I start playing in Green I am also going to get a larger tennis racquet, I currently use a 25' and will go up to a 26'. This way I will get a couple of changes out of the way in one go.
To finish off last Sunday was a disaster, we never got there. This was due to an error in the directions we were given. So please take this advice if getting directions off the web, get them from 2 places and cross reference them to iron out any errors. John at Ribble Valley Tennis Centre was very understanding and said that we were still welcome to compete there, so thank you and sorry.

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