Monday 6 February 2012

South Ribble Tennis Centre 05/02/12

The competition at South Ribble Tennis Centre yesterday was a late one, I did not get home until gone 7.00pm so thats why I'm updating a day late.
My results yesterday were not great, this was down to a few reasons but the main one being I was ill. It started with stomach ache yesterday morning which I thought was a bit of nerves but it quickly developed into sickness (I was physically sick 3 time yesterday, once before, during and after the competition). Well, now I've made excuses the results were I won 1 match and lost 3, but on a positive note the one I did win was against an Orange 2 which is another 5% towards my Orange 1 rating which I am determined to get.
The competition got off to a slow start yesterday as more competitors than expected turned up. Initially there were only 3 available courts to play on but eventually another court was used in the other hall.
Although I did not get the results I expected (you have to be positive in tennis) I am pleased that I battled, despite feeling awful, because I did get a win.
I am looking forward to this weekend, I have 2 competitions lined up one at Bolton Arena and the other at Ribble Valley Tennis Club which is still to be confirmed as I have not heard back yet. I going to try and get my best ever results (being positive again) this weekend.

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