Thursday, 23 August 2012

I'm a Winner

After (approximately) 365 days,
57 competitions,
3 finals,
4 semi finals,
240 matches,
6 rating changes,
and hundreds of hours on the tennis courts I have finally won a competition and it was a Grade 4.
I am so happy, today I played at Widnes Tennis Academy and had some difficult matches the most difficult being the final one, I made so many mistakes but managed to keep it together (just).

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm back

The title is a little misleading as I have not been away from tennis, just my blog, which as from today will be updated regularly again.
The past 4/5 months have been difficult, playing green tennis is a big step from orange and it has taken a while to adjust, but I have gradually got better. When I first started I was not winning matches, then I was winning one at each competition and then last week I got to the final at Lostock Tennis Club, I got another very nice medal, thanks Wayne!
I have got a few more competitions lined up before the end of the season and will be applying over the next day or two for competitions next season (starting in September).
I will be playing in a Grade 4 tomorrow at Widnes Tennis Academy and I am hoping to do well, especially now I am updating my blog again!
I am looking forward to getting my green rating in September and will be working hard to get it up to a Green 1.
My goals for next season are to get to a Green 1 and to win a competition.