Saturday, 31 December 2011

LTA Leaderboard - moved back up

I'm now 16th on the Lancashire County Boys 9 & Under leaderboard.
Since the leaderboard started at the beginning of the season I have gradually slipped down it, I started in 17th, then moved down to 19th and then 21st, but today I have managed to not only move back up but to a higher position than I have ever been, so am very pleased. I have not really competed over the christmas break so at the next update I will not get any additional points, but over the next couple of days in between getting wet at the tennis courts (due to the rain) I will be applying for competitions in January.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bolton Arena 18/12/11 - Finished in 12th Place

I played some good tennis today but had a difficult draw and finished in 12th place.
I had some very close matches and played well against good players. Although I feel I could have done a bit better, I am happy because once again I felt that my game is improving and my serve is starting to come back.
This was my last tennis competition of this year and am looking forward to the new year and competing again. I will be training hard over the Christmas break so lets hope the snow and frost stay away for a couple of hours a day.

Friday, 16 December 2011

LTA Leaderboard - 21st Position

I have moved to 21st position on the Lancashire County 9 & under boys leaderboard. I was in 19th and have dropped down slightly but I am happy because I have more than trebled my points, I have gone from 9 to 30. I do have some more points to go on from a competition last weekend and if I perform well this weekend may get some more. I am looking forward to this weekend, I will be practising my tennis tomorrow and competing at Bolton Arena on Sunday. Lets hope I can put some of my improved tennis skills to use and win a couple of matches.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A couple of firsts at Widnes Tennis Academy

Today I played in a tennis competition at Widnes Tennis Academy, this was my first competition outside the Lancashire County, its in Cheshire. It was also the first time I have qualified for the top half of a draw in a grade 4 or 5 competition.
It started off as a round robin, and I finished second in the group. Then after all the players had been allocated places it was time for the main draw and I won the first match in which I really found my game (It was the best I have ever played in competition). I then went on to play in the quarter finals and did not perform as well as the previous match and got punished, I lost, but did put up a come back in the second set. I was losing 6-1 and got it back to 6-6 and then ended up losing 9-7.
I enjoyed playing at Widnes Tennis Academy and will definitely apply for future competitions there.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

LTA Leaderboards - 19th Position

The LTA leaderboards were updated yesterday and I have dropped a couple of places, I was in 17th position and now I'm 19th on the Lancashire County 9 & Under boys leaderboard.
I have got a couple of competitions lined up which will lead to addition points if I do well and I should do because my tennis is improving all the time.
My main goal is still to get my tennis rating to an Orange 1, which I am very slowly progressing towards but have still got a very long way to go, but I would really like to get to 16th or above on the County leaderboard as well.
Training (outdoors) is becoming awkward with the dark nights and wet and windy weather but with help and determination I will improve.