Monday 2 April 2012

My first green competition at Holcombe Brook

I was looking forward to today as it was my first Green competition, it was a grade 4 at Holcombe brook. I had 2 matches one against a Green 2 and the other against a Green 1, I did lose both matches but had a good time. It is a lot different to playing Orange as the court is larger and the net is higher, but the biggest difference was the balls. They are faster and bounce higher, they also affected my serve quite a lot, my second serve today was rubbish and this led to me losing points. I also struggled with hitting the ball to the back of the court with pace, they were either short or out the back.
Today has given plenty of feedback on areas that I need to practice and this is good. I know once I've had some more training at Green I will do well.
I will be applying for more Green competitions this week as I doubt that I will play Orange again. Green is testing but very enjoyable, I had a great time and thank you to Holcombe Brook for making me feel welcome.