Sunday 11 December 2011

A couple of firsts at Widnes Tennis Academy

Today I played in a tennis competition at Widnes Tennis Academy, this was my first competition outside the Lancashire County, its in Cheshire. It was also the first time I have qualified for the top half of a draw in a grade 4 or 5 competition.
It started off as a round robin, and I finished second in the group. Then after all the players had been allocated places it was time for the main draw and I won the first match in which I really found my game (It was the best I have ever played in competition). I then went on to play in the quarter finals and did not perform as well as the previous match and got punished, I lost, but did put up a come back in the second set. I was losing 6-1 and got it back to 6-6 and then ended up losing 9-7.
I enjoyed playing at Widnes Tennis Academy and will definitely apply for future competitions there.

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