Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nike Air Court Ballistec - New tennis shoes ordered

Well its time for a new pair of trainers and I have decided to get a pair of Nike Air Court Ballistec. This will be my first pair of proper tennis shoes, in the past I have always used 'normal' trainers/running shoes. The main reason for getting proper tennis shoes is that playing tennis wrecks trainers and its always in the same place.
My current trainers look for a distance brand new but with closer inspection there is massive wear (nearly gone through the leather) on the inside of my large toe on the side of the trainer and it travels round onto the sole which in slowly being ripped off. There is also excessive wear around the sole at the ball/toe area and also right at the very back edge of the sole. The wear is far greater on my right trainer than it is on the left and the damage is being done as I move and hit the ball.
The problem is not down to the make of trainer as I have owned several different brands of trainer and the same thing happens. It also happens to my Dads trainers but mainly on the left trainer (he is left handed).
So I knew it was time for a pair of tennis shoes and after looking around I have decided to get a pair of Nike Air Court Ballistec, if you look at them closely you can see that the sole comes up and around the toe area to protect the shoes, and they are also supposed to help improve performance and they probably will with them being specially designed for tennis players.
They will hopefully be delivered before next weekend and after I have used them for a couple of weeks, I will be writing a review. I know this post is a little different than normal but its tennis related and an important factor in the way I play.
I am really looking forward to playing next weekend because I have not competed this weekend but I have trained very hard, I wonder if my new Nike Air Court Ballistec tennis shoes will help!

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