Sunday 26 February 2012

Widnes Tennis Academy - Consolation Draw Winner

Today I played at Widnes Tennis Academy and played some mixed tennis.
It started off with 4 round robin groups of 3, the winner and runner up of each group would go into the main draw and the person who finished in 3rd would go in to the consolation draw.
I lost both of my round robin matches, one over 2 sets (I nearly won the second set, the score finished 9-11), and the other over 3 sets. Today I really wanted to do well and the pressure I put myself under did not do me any favours, I was double faulting and just not playing my best tennis. I am going to try and adopt the attitude that is does not matter where, who or what grade of competition I am in, all players can be beaten and just turn up and play.
So, that was me out of the main draw and now feeling no pressure, I could play and I did. I managed to win the next two matches, both of them were Orange 2 (so no push over) and I won the consolation draw. Although I did not perform at my best I am getting better at regrouping if I lose and developing a fighting spirit.

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