Friday 3 February 2012

February tennis competitions reschedule - Widnes Tennis Academy

This morning we received a phone call informing us that the tennis competition at Widnes Tennis Academy is on the 13th and not the 12th. I am grateful to them for letting us know but its very annoying because I applied for the competition weeks ago and was looking forward to it and now I will not be able to go due to transport limitations of living in a working household with one car. The good news is that they are also holding a tennis competition on the 26th February and I am hoping we will be able to reschedule my entry for this date.
I have also applied to play at Ribble Valley Tennis Club on the 12th February, hopefully my entry will be accepted. I have never played here before but have applied to once before and had to pull out (I gave them plenty of notice) due to a double booking. This has only happened once and will hopefully never happen again.
My final competition entry since my last update is to play at Winstanley Tennis Club on the 25th February. I have never played or heard anything about this club before, but would love to play here.
So, this months tennis competitions so far are, South Ribble Tennis Centre on Sunday (5th February), Bolton Arena on the 11th February, and hopefully, Ribble Valley Tennis Club on the 12th February, Winstanley Tennis Club on the 25th February and Widnes Tennis Centre on the 26th February. I have no competitions lined up for the 18th/19th so if anybody knows of one please let me know.

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