Saturday, 3 March 2012

Nike Air Courtballistec tennis shoes - Review

Here is my review of my new Nike Air Courtballistec tennis shoes.
Style - These tennis shoes really do look the part. They are the best looking trainers (tennis shoes) I have ever had. I choose the blue,green and white pair which have a mesh around a lot of the toe presumably to let them breath.
Comfort - From the minute I put them on they felt great and are very comfortable. I have played tennis in them for hours at a time and had no blisters or rubbing whatsoever. My feet are quite wide and I have quite a high arched foot therefore I have to pick footwear carefully.
Design - Only time will tell if the design will hold out under high performance tennis over time, but they seem to be great. In all the areas my previous trainers were wearing excessively there is extra protection which is great.
Quality - Absolutely spot on, not a stitch out of place. Sometimes when you buy new shoes/trainers if you inspect them closely there will be a bit of stray glue or something not quite right, not with these they are perfect.
Performance - Its very hard too tell if my tennis performance has improved due to wearing these shoes. I have been doing better in competitions lately but I think its down to me and not the shoes.
Cost - These are the most expensive tennis shoes/trainers I have ever owned but I think they are well worth the money because I'm sure they will last a lot longer than other trainers due to the design and quality.
Overall - I would give my Nike Air Courtballistec tennis shoes a 5/5, based on previous trainers I have owned. I'm not saying they are the best ever, just the best I have owned. I would definitely buy these tennis shoes again.

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