Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bolton Arena 24/03/12 - Runner Up of Main Draw

This season I had 2 goals, one was to get my tennis rating to Orange 1 and the other was to get into the main draw at Bolton Arena and I have achieved them both, it was very close but I did it. This season so far before today I have played at Bolton Arena 6 times and every time I have ended up in the consolation draw. Today was the last competition of the season and all I wanted to do was get into the main draw and I did that and then went a couple of stages better and ended up in the final. I lost in the final but am so happy with my result - I was the runner up in a competition main draw final.
I am really looking forward to playing tomorrow but then I am going to have a day or possible 2 off because I fell today and hurt my elbow and I also have a large blister on my hand due to all the training I have been doing.
All is going great and I am so happy with my development, I am definitely improving.
I would like to thank Bolton Arena for letting me play in their competitions. Playing good tennis players has helped me to improve and I would not have achieved my result today without them. Thank you!

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