Wednesday 7 March 2012

Out with the Orange tennis competitions and in with the Green

I have made my mind up with a little help and have decided that from the start of next season (April) I am going to 'play up' in Green tennis competitions rather than try getting my rating to an Orange 1*. Some players (very few) can get a passport to a higher rating but I do not have one of these (I think you have to be an Orange 1* or be a 'special player' but I am not sure) so my rating will stay as an Orange 1 until I become a Green player in September. However I will become a Green 2 instead of Green 4 because I am an Orange 1. Hopefully I will get plenty of practice at Green over the next 5 months so when I do become a Green, I can move from 2 to 1 faster than I moved from Orange 2 to 1. If I get to Green 1 fast enough, I will then try for Green 1*.
So this is my last month of playing in Orange if all goes to plan, I may have to go back to playing Orange if my competitions entries for Green get declined but I will deal with that if it happens. I am looking forward to going back to playing on a full size court. Until 7/8 months ago I played on a full size court and then started to train on smaller courts because I wanted to do competitions, so I have been out of my comfort zone.
I cannot believe that I could possible only have 4 more Orange tennis competitions left and they are:-
Bolton Arena on the 10th and 24th, Bramhall Queensgate Tennis Club on the 11th and Prestbury Tennis Club on the 25th.
I am going to apply for a Green competition later on today or tomorrow and I will update when I do, fingers crossed I will have my application accepted.

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