Friday 30 March 2012

Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Review

I have been using my new Dunlop Biomimetic 300 raquet for 10 days now and feel that its time for a review.
The racquet is red and black and looks fantastic, it also comes with its own bag which is equally attractive, and with a damper but I have not used this so far and don't think I will because I am not feeling any vibrations when I strike the ball. This could be down to the racquet being made from HM6 carbon. The HM6 carbon is supposed to reduce vibration and improve feel.
I have used the racquet a lot and do think it has helped my game, I have been working on ball placement and the racquet has not let me down. Although the racquet is not marketed as a powerful racquet, I can create more power with it than my previous 25' Dunlop but that could be down to the length of the racquet or the Aeroskin. Aeroskin is a technology which covers the racquet and apparently makes it more aerodynamic so will make your swing faster and create more power. I don't know if its the weight, lenth or aeroskin but I can definitely swing faster with this racquet especially when the face is closed (as it should be).
The last of the new technologys to go into the racquet is the Gecko-tac grip. This is inspired by a Gecko's foot and makes the grip very tacky. This was great when I first started using it, I had control, feel, and could really let rip on a serve but there was/is one problem, my hand has been ripped apart by it, its a small exaggeration but is has caused some very large blisters. Only now after doing research have I learned that this is a common problem for all tennis players with all makes of racquet.
Overall I am very happy with my Dunlop Biomimetic 300 and will continue to use a Dunlop raquet.

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