Friday, 9 March 2012

Holcombe Brook Open Tennis Tournament 2012 - 31/03/12 - 05/04/12

I have just entered my first Green tennis competition and its at Holcombe Brook Sports Club on the 02/04/12 and if I make the final that will be held on the 05/04/12. I am jumping into Green tennis at the deep end because its a grade 4 competition. These can be difficult and thats putting it lightly, they attract very good players.
I have played at Holcombe Brook before but it was when I first started playing (I was a Red 4) and with it being winter it was indoors at a different location to the main club where this tennis competition is being held.
All I want to get out of the competition is the experience of playing Green tennis, at the moment I am still mainly training on an Orange court and finishing off with rallying on a Green court. Over the next few weeks I will be totally converting to Green even though I have still got a couple of Orange competitions lined up for this month.

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