Friday 27 January 2012

LTA Leaderboard, Ormskirk Tennis Competition, Evening Training & Thank You

My position on the LTA Lancashire County boys 9 & under leaderboard has dropped to 18th, I was 16th. The season has not finished so there is still time to try and get back to 16th which is the highest position I have ever been in.
The competition at Ormskirk Tennis Club has been cancelled due to them replacing the shale tennis courts with clay ones and also updating their perimeter fence. I will apply for their next mini tennis competition and hopefully it will go ahead.
For the first time in approximately 2 months I have managed to play tennis tonight after school. It rained and hailed but had a great time working on my game and made some improvements. My tennis is changing all the time, over the past 5 months I have gone from a player who hit every ball as hard as possible, which was good when I could keep it in the court. To a player who tried to return every ball in the court, which improved my rallying but I could not hit winners. I am now trying to combine the best of each strategy to try and improve my tennis and win/loss ratio.
On a final note, earlier today I received a email informing me of an future competition and would like to say 'thank you'. Sometimes it can be a nuisance being on a mailing list but I was very grateful. It can be difficult finding suitable competitions so to have one emailed to you makes a pleasant change.

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