Thursday, 26 January 2012

A couple more tennis competitions for February

I have applied for 2 more tennis competitions in February, they are at:
South Ribble Tennis Centre on the 5th, I have played here before and had experiences at both ends of the spectrum, winning and losing, so I have no idea what to expect. I do know that I seem to play better when the competitions are played in the second hall opposed to the main hall, but it does not matter where I play, I will just try and play my best tennis.
The other tennis competition I have applied for is at;
Ormskirk Tennis Club on the 19th, last year I applied for a tennis competition here but unfortunately it got cancelled, so lets hope it goes ahead because I have never played there before and I really enjoy playing at 'new' clubs/centres even though may play suffers slightly, I am very slowly getting conditioned to it.
My training is going well and I am pleased the nights are starting to get lighter so I can play in the evening during the week.
I am looking forward to playing this weekend at Manchester Tennis Centre and at the other competitions I have lined up so far for February, which are Bolton Arena, Widnes Tennis Academy and the two I have just applied for. I only have to find a competition now for the last weekend in February.

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