Monday 2 September 2013

Tennis Rating 9.2 - My New Tennis Rating

My tennis rating has moved from a Green 1 to a 9.2 which is a full rating. I had been a Green 1 for approximately 9 months but it felt a lot longer and I was ready for a change.
I can now play in yellow ball competitions and will also get a county and national ranking which is very exciting!
Now I have to win 4 matches against 9.2 rated players or better to move to a 9.1.
Yesterday I cut into this target greatly. I lost my first match because my serve took far too long to warm up, but I am very happy because I then went on to beat 2 very good players, one was a 9.2 and the other had just become a 9.1. I played well and really enjoyed the day.
My primary goals for this season are to get my rating to a 9.1 (8.2 would be even better) and to get a national ranking of 1000 or better in the 12 & under age group.

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